Esspac offers customized filling and packaging services, selling finished, ready for sale units to customers around the world.
Our specialties are cosmetic nail powders & liquids, gels and gel polish products.

We package nail enhancement products for many distribution channels,
including mass market, specialty retail, direct sales, and professional salons and spas.


Using fully automated equipment, Esspac specializes in short runs, viscous fluids and hazardous materials.
Filling, sealing and capping is performed on equipment dedicated to the product type,
whether it be a dry powder, thin liquid or thixotropic gel.


Our skilled team enables you to buy bulk product and receive items already packaged and ready to ship to your customers.
We practice strict quality control protocols and our associate companies are certified to ISO 13485.


We put powder, liquid and gel material into bottles, jars and cups of all sizes.
Esspac has established relationships with primary suppliers of packaging elements, with thousands of components at our disposal.
We fill a wide variety of materials, including glass, acrylic, polystyrene, PET, HDPE, PP and lined aluminum.
Closures are available in dispensing or spray configurations and lids are secured with either heat or pressure seals.
Labels can be foil, paper or clear film.


Esspac can design the entire package, including artwork and components.
Our team can help you move your product presentation from concept to reality.
Our experience with the nail product lines from California Chemical Specialties and Esschem make sure the job is done right, the first time.



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